Apply for loan online – how it works


Apply for your call credit conveniently online in just a few steps. On this page you will find all the important information about the individual steps of the application, the conditions for awarding the contract and the required documents.



1. Determine the conditions of the cheapest bank by means of a frame loan comparison .

2. Select favorites, then switch to the desired bank via the red button on the right in the table.

3. Put request for on-call loan online. In the case of a positive credit check, submit application documents by post ( for new customers via the procedure ).

4. Bank confirms commitment in writing. Signed loan agreement to return to the bank.

That’s how it’s done

First, make a comparison of the different providers. So you do not have to pay more interest than absolutely necessary. If you have decided on a favorite, go directly to the bank’s online application via the link in the right column of the comparison table. Fill in the input form there. Enter personal data, information on income and employment and the amount of the loan. The amount of the credit line is ultimately determined by the bank, and is mostly determined by the applicant’s creditworthiness. For most banks, the maximum credit limit is 25,000 euros, in some cases even 50,000 euros. After a successful credit check you will receive an individual loan offer. Submit the application documents along with the required supporting documents to the bank via the procedure . You will now receive a written confirmation from the bank for your call-off loan. Sign the loan agreement in the last step and send it back to the bank.


Anyone wishing to apply for a credit line should fulfill certain requirements. Some of them are purely formal, others relate to the credit rating.

The criteria at a glance

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • Residence and bank account in Germany
  • regular income in sufficient amount
  • permanent employment for employees, otherwise no longer a term of employment as an employment contract
  • for offers for self-employed and freelancers: practice of the trade for at least three years
  • Credit check with positive result (sufficient score, no negative entries)

Documents and evidence

First print the completed loan application and sign it. The application form must be accompanied by the following additional documents.

Evidence needed by consumers for the credit check

  • Fully completed and printed loan application
  • Copies of the last three proofs of income
  • Depending on the bank, details of current loans: (balance, installment and expiry date)

Credit completion

Submit your complete application documents by post to the bank. You will be notified by the bank in writing. If the credit check is positive, you will initially receive a written contract offer. It comes to the conclusion of the loan, as soon as the bank receives the signed contract back. Before the conclusion of the contract, the verification of the personal data (identity check) is carried out first. Direct banks usually use the ification procedure for this purpose. Finally, the bank sends the finished contract documents. The last step is to set up the credit line. Now the call-off loan can be used.

The process at a glance

  • 1. Submission of the application documents including required evidence by post.
  • 2. Bank sends contract documents or rejects credit.
  • 3. Borrower sends finished credit agreement via the procedure to the bank.
  • 4. Bank ships finished credit agreement, and establishes credit line.

Payday loan with Loan Credit


In order to meet the diverse loan needs of customers. loan credit always offers many quick and simple loan products. Please refer to the information below to know the interest rate of loan credit and the necessary conditions.

Credit Credits loan credit is what?

Credit Credits FE Credit is what?

Mortgage loan is a loan product of loan credit finance company to help customers borrow money with trust, no need to mortgage secured assets. This form is completely based on personal information and trust for customers to support lending.

This is really an opportunity for those who need urgent loans without collateral, you can choose one of loan credit’s mortgage loans that are being applied.

Consumer loan products without collateral at loan credit

  • Loan under sim viettel
  • Loan by motorcycle registration
  • Loan in cash
  • Loans by transfer
  • Borrow money with life insurance contracts
  • Borrow with electricity bills.

Interest rates for consumer loans are not mortgage at loan credit

Interest rates for consumer loans are not mortgage at FE Credit

Depending on which loan product you choose, we offer different interest rates. Interest rates will range from 1.4% to 2.95% / month. Specific details will be shown below.

Loan under sim viettel

Low interest rate is only from 1.40% / month with loan amount up to 50 million VND.

Loan by motorcycle registration

  • Vehicle value 15 million or more: The applicable interest rate is 3.29% / month.
  • Vehicle value 25 million or more: Applying interest rate of 2.17% per month.

Note: Vehicle value is assessed at the time of loan registration.

How to calculate the vehicle value:

  • Registration for 4 to 6 months: 10% off the original value.
  • Registration from 7 to 12 months: 20% off the original value.
  • Registration from 13 to 48 months: 30% reduction in initial value.
  • Registration from 49 to 96 months: 40% reduction in initial value.

Loan in cash

2.95% monthly interest rate: The company established less than 2 years.

The interest rate is 2.17% / month: The company established over 2 years but not affiliated.

The interest rate is 1.66% / month: The company established over 2 years with links.

Loans by transfer

Interest rate of 1.66% / month: The company established over 2 years, earning more than 7,500,000 VND.

Interest rate of 2.17% / month: Income from 5,000,000 VND – 7,500,000 VND.

2.95% interest rate / month: Minimum income of VND 3,000,000.

Loan under life insurance

The interest rate is 2.17% / month: Premium is VND 2 million / year.

The interest rate is 1.66% / month: Premium is paid 3 million VND / year.

Borrow under electricity bill

2.95% interest rate / month: Electricity charge> = 200,000 VND.

Interest rate of 2.17% / month: Electricity fee> = 550,000 VND.

Interest rate of 1.66% / month: Electricity charge> = 1,000,000 VND.

What are the pros and cons of loan credit?

What are the pros and cons of FE Credit?


Here are the outstanding advantages that loan credit finance company brings to you.

  • No need to mortgage customers
  • Does not require someone to stand for guarantee
  • Flexible loan period from 06 to 36 months
  • Support loans up to 70 million
  • Applicable to individual customers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces
  • Have the right to repay the loan whenever the customer wants
  • Disbursement time after 24 hours of reviewing documents (excluding holidays)
  • Secure borrower information.


  • The maximum loan amount is only VND 70 million.
  • Not applicable to customers with bad or deferred payment.


  • Passengers are aged 20 – 60 years old.
  • Income from 3 million / month
  • There are at least the following types of documents: ID card, Household Registration Book.
  • In addition, it is necessary to have one of the following documents: 3-month salary bill, continuous electricity / water bill, life insurance contract.

Things to keep in mind when borrowing unsecured loans at loan credit

Things to keep in mind when borrowing unsecured loans at FE Credit

Currently, loan credit supports unsecured loans from 10 – 70 million, the loan term is from 6 to 36 months depending on the customer company is working or depending on the product of borrowers.

Customers need to choose a payment term that is suitable for their monthly payment ability and so that the monthly payment amount does not exceed 35% of the salary.

Customers can finalize the loan contract at any time during the loan term, the pre-settlement fee is 5% of the outstanding principal balance.

When the repayment period is reached, the unpaid customer will be charged a late payment fee of VND 300,000 / late payment period by the bank.

When customers pay late, in addition to being subject to a late payment fee, customers are also updated bad credit points into the system. When credit scores are bad, customers will find it difficult to re-borrow at next times.

The customer does not have to pay any fees to the consultant / appraisal staff.

If you are in need of a loan, please fill out the information below or call us immediately for advice.

Loan without remark entry

Even those who have a bad remark can get a loan. The money comes from Switzerland, the so-called loans, which are now known to everyone. These are remark free credits that have been awarded for more than 20 years in Germany. With this form of credit, negative entries in the credit check play no role.

The reason is that banks are not contractual partners of the German remark and thus have no insight into the same. A loan approval is not reported in the remark. Thus, a virtually anonymous loan can be taken, from which the bank of the loan seeker and also the employer learns nothing. A loan without remark entry is firmly established in the German financial world.

The loan without remark entry

The loan without remark entry

Many negative entries can still come from the past of the loan seeker. His financial situation and his payment history can be much better these days, so borrowing should not normally be a problem. But the German banks have their legal regulations prohibiting them from loaning a loan seeker with a bad credit rating. In many cases, the refusal of credit is also beneficial to the claimant. If he is already overindebted, he pulls himself into the debt trap with a new loan, which can ultimately end in bankruptcy.

One can assume that it is not just bullying from the banks if they do not give credit. Every loan seeker should think for himself whether he can use his income to raise a loan. He should face a spending and income side himself, there is still room for a loan, only then should he apply for one.

A loan without a remark entry is the business of credit agencies that are headquartered in Germany and contact their counterparties from abroad to provide their customers with acceptable credit. Of course, a borrower has to expect that these negotiations cost something. But billing should be billed correctly and not on a loan request. These are dubious practices that a loan seeker should not accept. Only when the loan application has been made, the commission can be settled.

The prospects of a loan without remark entry

The prospects of a loan without remark entry

A quick way to a loan without remark query leads over the Internet. All it takes is an online form to be completed and sent to the credit intermediary. After verification based on the data entered, the loan agreement will be sent for signature and must be sent with the credit checks to the lender. Only after its examination comes the final loan commitment and the money is transferred.

For a loan without a remark entry, a sufficiently high income must be available, as well as a permanent job. The income must be so high that it is above the attachment exemption limit. That is with a loan over 5.000 euro with a single one 1.600 euro net income.

Credit Cards or Payday Loans

If you need money for a project, holiday or for refinancing small loans or other payment obligations, you may consider acquiring a credit card or raising a payday loan. Let’s look at what speaks for one and what speaks for the other in the case of different intended uses.

Travel on vacation

Travel on vacation

If you want to go on a holiday, there is a lot to talk about using a credit card. If you choose a credit card without an entry fee and without an annual fee (You release these costs from all the cards we write about on – Compare credit cards ). You should also choose one that takes a low fee, or no fee, for withdrawing money from ATMs abroad and having travel insurance including you should use the credit card to pay over 50% of the transportation cost of the holiday. The credit card from Norwegian not only offers travel insurance, but also provides cashback on flights with the company. If you use the card correctly, it works very correctly and use a credit card for vacation.

Refinance the small loan

Refinance the small loan

If you have several small loans and outstanding credits that you pay off over time (several months), it may be worth collecting everything in one loan. If you have a mortgage today and the opportunity to increase this, it may be a good option for collecting debt at low interest rates. Otherwise, there is much that speaks for using a refinancing loan with up to 15 years’ repayment period.

It is also possible, as a last resort, or as a temporary solution, to collect debt and payment obligations on a credit card. However, this does not pay off over time as usually much lower interest rates on a loan than on a credit card.

Another thing that speaks for using a loan is that it is possible to collect more debt due to a higher loan limit. While a credit card often has credit limits of between NOK 10,000 and NOK 100,000, you get refinancing loans up to NOK 500,000.

Short-term loans – For example, a little in arrears with bills

Short-term loans - For example, a little in arrears with bills

If you only need some money in a short time, a credit card is often the right choice. Several credit cards operate with interest-free credit for up to 40 – 50 days. This means that you can borrow money from the credit card free of charge until you receive a salary or other money in the account. Make sure that there are quite high fees for withdrawals from ATMs and that interest rates often run from day one when withdrawing from an ATM. It is usually by purchase of goods that the interest-free period applies. You can check this in the price list for your credit card. Most cards also have an invoice fee. If you have a credit card, you know that you always have the security that you can borrow money with the card if you should end up in the same situation again.

Borrow money for other consumption

Borrow money for other consumption

If you need money for other consumption you should be aware that the biggest difference between payday loan and credit card interest and amount. Credit cards are good for borrowing money in a short period of time (1 to 2 months) and many cards are good at trading everything from gasoline, clothing and travel with due to offers, cashback and bonuses included in the card.

payday loans on the other hand can give you larger amounts and lower interest rates on repayment over time. payday loans are paid down over up to 5 years. payday loans usually have interest rates down to half of what is common for credit cards.

Thoughtful choice

Thoughtful choice

Before you either pick up a payday loan or order a credit card, it is important to be aware that the money you spend and the borrower will be repaid. Obtaining new credit cards and raising payday loans to pay off others can be a way into a bad debt spiral. Also, think about whether you can rather save money over a period and get the same experience, just cheaper and a little further ahead.

Take out a cheap loan


If you are looking for a cheap loan , the current online loan offer of loan providers is worth a closer look. We provide information about provider’s experience, current lending rates and conditions for the loan offer, as well as the requirements for the online loan of loan providers.

What are the current loan rates?

The currently offered loan rates are variable at an interest rate of 2.8% (debit interest) up to 6.8% (debit interest). The amount of the loan interest depends on the respective creditworthiness / creditworthiness of the customer as well as the loan amount and the term.

With a loan amount of 5,000 euros loan amount and a term of 12 months, a monthly loan installment of 427.00 euros has to be paid. The effective interest rate on this online loan is 5.8% per annum. The exact terms for various loan amounts and maturities can be easily calculated and compared online using the Credit Calculator.

What sums of credit can I borrow as a loan?

If you want to take out a loan online or want to take out a loan, you should be aware in advance about your wishes or calculate exactly which loan amount should be taken up. With a budget / budget calculator you can also clarify the topic “How much credit can I afford?”. It is important to have enough budget left over to be able to pay the monthly installments for the repayment / repayment regularly.

Which terms are offered?

In order to be flexible in the selection, several credit terms are offered for customers. The special advantage of Online Credit is the availability of flexible terms between 12 and 120 months. Thus, in addition to the classic maturities of 12 months, 24 months, 60 months or 120 months, for example, a loan with 13 or 19 months maturity can be flexibly selected. This allows you to plan your repayment exactly or choose comfortably with the loan calculator the appropriate maturity and loan amount so that you can easily afford the monthly loan installments (between 50 euros and 1000 euros).

Through the range of maturities both short-term projects / smaller loan amounts can be repaid quickly, but also long-term projects such as renovations / renovations or rescheduling of other credit providers can be conveniently carried out.

How long does the loan commitment take?

How long does the loan commitment take?

If you are looking for an online loan with a particularly fast processing, the provider is definitely recommended. The loan application is made paperless and with video identification for legitimacy. The slogan “In 7 minutes to the loan application” is promised a decision in best time. Thus, the instant loan or a loan in 24 hours with immediate payment / instant confirmation is conveniently online possible.

What are the requirements for the providers Online Loan?

What are the requirements for the providers Online Loan?

  • For current loan conditions please check the homepage
  • Of majority (18th birthday must be completed)
  • Checking account
  • Residence
  • Existing employment
  • NO lending to the self-employed

What can the online loan be used for?

The loan calculator displays the options Credit for Institution, Credit for Auto or Credit for Vacation. But also other private uses can be chosen. This makes it possible to borrow money without specifying a purpose.

Simply use the loan amount for your individual wishes and fulfill your desires – instruments, furniture, world tour, renovation, a new conservatory or a sailboat – be creative!

How can a company improve its financial growth through loans?


Small businesses can not self-finance at the desired level over time, so they often turn to the solution offered by bank loans. Loans can also come from other sources, especially since today all creditors can be found here . Loans can be made using accounts receivable or inventory as collateral. Although these credits can be considered costly for a company and increase their risk of being repaid in time or according to the established return plan, a legal person credit is, in most cases, a beneficial solution for a company that wants to grow.

For what purposes do companies use their credits?

For what purposes do companies use their credits?

Financial institutions are increasingly open to lending to legal entities without guarantees, especially for companies that are stable and have a very high turnover. In addition, if a company has proven its financial standing and has a positive credit history, the chances that it will get a higher amount of money on the next loan are very high. In general, in addition to traditional loans, firms are turning to credit lines to provide them with the cash flow needed to pay salaries, pay suppliers and many other financial operations where cash is needed. Also, a company can apply for loans to:

  • Acquisition of real estate and expansion of operations – banks are willing to lend money to existing companies wishing to acquire real estate to expand their business by offering them the option of a mortgage-based legal person. If a firm expands, then the bank knows the company is successful and wants it to continue doing what it does. Enlargement generally takes place only if the company is making profits and has a positive cash flow, and the forecast for the future is positive (there are solid contracts in progress, agreements of principle for future contracts, etc.) . This is a scenario that causes any bank to approve a loan to a legal person. This type of legal borrowing is usually in the form of a long-term mortgage (25-30 years), and the property purchased is used as collateral. The company can use it as an office, production facility, showroom or any other destination that helps increase its image and financial capital.
  • Purchase of equipment and a fleet of cars – firms have a few options in terms of purchasing equipment or expanding the fleet. They can either buy them or rent them; In this sense, there is the possibility of accessing a legal person car loan (either for the definitive purchase of cars or for car leasing). There are good reasons for them to opt for a loan for the purchase of the equipment. The state offers the possibility to deduct these expenses from the equipment, which means that the company can use it for its entire duration and then sell it to recover part of the investment. In order to find out whether it is better to buy or rent equipment / car fleet, a cost-benefit analysis should be done before making the decision. When a bank offers a company a loan for this type of acquisition, it is usually a medium-term loan. Medium-term loans are generally loans for a period of 10-15 years.
  • Purchase of various inventory goods – banks sometimes grant small businesses loans to legal entities to buy inventory goods. Some small businesses have a seasonal character, which means that if a business gets the bulk of sales during the summer or summer season, it wants to buy most of the inventory before that time. Thus, these firms may be in a situation of needing a loan before the start of the respective season to buy a large amount of inventory goods to prepare for that time. Such loans are generally short-term, and companies redeem them after seasonal sales with seasonal sales. Even if these corporate borrowing interest rates are slightly higher than in the case of loans to individuals, the fact that a firm has greater financial power gives them the opportunity to get these loans much faster.
  • Increased working capital – working capital is the money used to manage day-to-day operations. Small businesses sometimes need loans to meet their daily business needs until their assets are sufficient to cover their capital needs. Banks sometimes borrow money in the short term to allow them to overcome certain moments of financial failure and to increase. As the business grows and their own assets enable them to earn money, they can repay the bank’s working capital loan. Working capital loans may have higher interest rates than, for example, a real estate credit, because banks consider them more risky.

Choosing the moment when accessing a corporate legal loan is right for the company is complicated and requires a thorough understanding of the type of loan you are interested in, the current financial position and what you hope to do with the money you get. If you use the loan as a cutting-edge effort to save the company or respond to a momentum (purchasing a certain type of car for employees, for example), you should probably rethink this approach.

Determine with great care when you request a loan because it will require the submission of a company’s financial documentation, forecasts for the future, and you will need to be able to support the reimbursement schedule throughout your business. You get the money now, it’s true, but you’ll have to return it, which means that your business must be productive to allow you to pay your credit, cover the company’s current expenses, but also you make a profit. You can always rely on these legal loans, but you always have to do it at the right time and only for specific purposes to help develop your business!

Apply for loan – Online Credit

A loan can be required in many life situations. There are many reasons for this, and there are enough occasions when a funding gap simply has to be closed.

Borrow Loan – Current & Cheap Online Loans

Borrow Loan - Current & Cheap Online Loans

But many people are asking themselves a lot of questions, because with regard to loans, there are some things that do not open up right away. Especially the fact that most loans can be taken up on the Internet today causes uncertainty and unanswered questions. What needs to be considered? Where are the possible stumbling blocks hidden and which conditions in general must the loan seeker fulfill so that he can benefit from the money as well?

Find the right loan

First of all, the loan seeker has to find the right credit for himself and his needs. It depends not only on the amount and the duration, but also the interest, as well as any fees and possibly a compensation for early repayment play a role.

Therefore, all available offers in the network must first be compared to get a complete overview. This can best be done on corresponding comparison pages, because all offers and their conditions are exactly opposite. In this way, a quick overview is guaranteed.

In addition, the provider requires no fees and consumer loans can be obtained here cheap. The maximum loan amount is 65,000 euros and the term can be set up to 120 months. Of course, this depends on the type of loan.

Here, the interest rate is credit-dependent and moves at a maximum up to a value of around 10 percent. With a maximum loan amount of 30,000 euros and a term of up to 84 months, almost all loans can be individually integrated within this framework. Of course, there are also higher sums available, provided proof of creditworthiness can be provided. There are no fees here either.

The preparation for borrowing

The preparation for borrowing

First and foremost, all preparations should be made to make it as easy as possible to take out a loan. Of course, it is important to first think about the type of loan. Of course, a car loan has different conditions than a real estate loan. For this the necessary documents must be available. In principle, however, these are the following documents:

  • ID card or passport
  • Employment contract (depending on the type of loan indefinitely required)
  • Bank statements with salary receipt
  • a household bill to prove the residential address
  • Proof of collateral

For all self-employed, in principle, these documents are added:

  • Tax assessments of the last three years
  • business registration
  • Income surplus bill or bill

All documents should be ready as a digital copy, because with today’s online applications, many things can be handled directly via the Internet.

How is the loan requested?

The application procedure is basically the same for all banks. The online application must be completed in full. This again consists of three parts. The first section lists all personal information. This also includes the ID card number, which will be used to check immediately upon submitting the application.

The second section must give details of the economic situation. Here, the salary and all liabilities to be paid in the month are stated. The difference between the sums then gives the amount available for the loan repayment. In the last section, the information is provided to the employer, because with this the lender can apply for a garnishment, should the lender not meet his payment obligations.

If the application has been sent and the has given a positive response, the credit seeker usually receives the access data to an online area. This is password protected and special designed for him.

Here, the documents described above can be uploaded for review, which avoids the complicated post. Depending on the type of loan, the exam may take an hour or several days. Based on the available documents, the lender then makes a final decision on the awarding of the loan.

The next step is the signing of the loan agreement. This is sent by post in any case, to accelerate the payment of money there are other ways. As a result, the borrower can now identify himself directly on the Internet and does not have to accept the long journey by means of an indent letter.

For this purpose, a webcam connection with a special service provider is established, which consists of identification by means of a pass. The certificate created below then serves as a signature under the digital contract. The original usually follows at intervals of a few days by post.

Depending on the loan, it may take 30 minutes to 14 days for the money to be paid out. Thus, the loan application is completed.

Creditworthiness and collateral

Of course, each credit must be given a certain credit rating so that the bank can grant it. So in the rule a clean without negative entries is required.

However, this hurdle can also be circumvented, because if the borrower can prove a high income and possibly the corresponding collateral in the equivalent of the loan, then we usually forgive the loan despite negative deficiencies. But there are absolute exclusion criteria that completely stand in the way of a loan.

  • Entry on judicial debt collection proceedings
  • Arrest warrant to enforce the affidavits
  • insolvencies

In these three points, the granting of a loan is excluded because there are legal regulations in the room that contradict the principle.

Are there alternatives to normal credit?

A loan can also be taken via credit intermediaries. Depending on the type of loan, these usually offer more favorable conditions, especially with regard to interest rates. However, one should also read carefully here, because especially in the case of a loan without credit rating, the interest rates can shoot up significantly. These loans also apply to intermediaries as risk loans, which are hedged accordingly by higher interest rates.

As a further alternative, it is also possible to use a guarantor in the contract with regular banks. However, it must be clear in this connection that the guarantor then has to bear all the risks of the loan. Thus, this is also responsible if payments are not made. This can then lead to salary or property seizures. Therefore, a guarantee contract should be concluded between the guarantor and the loan seeker, which governs all essential details.

What is the Best Bank for Payday Loans?

This article was created in November 2009, so the data presented here are outdated. However, the tips and recommendations are valid. Continue reading through to the end of the article and you will find the link to the new series on Best Bank for Housing Credit . See for further editorial

Dear reader,

Today’s article aims to give you an overview of how to choose the best bank to carry out your payday loan .

As we know, the banking offer for the Crédito Mação product is quite diverse, the possibilities are seductive, which sometimes leads the bank customer to devalue aspects that influence the total charge of the Housing Credit .

Therefore, in order to clarify and facilitate the best choice, 7 banks were identified to be analyzed with regard to the Housing Credit offer.

For an egalitarian analysis to be possible, it is necessary to define base parameters for all banks, namely:

  • Purpose : Acquisition of permanent own housing;
  • Household : 3 people;
  • Age of Proponents : 29 years;
  • RANB (Annual Gross Income): 25,000.00 Euros;
  • They do not have charges with other credits;
  • Occupation of Borrowers : Various;
  • Do not have Housing Savings Account;
  • Subscribed Products:
  • Financing amount : 120,000.00 euros;
  • Valuation Value : 150,000.00 euros;
  • Purchase / Write Value : 120,000.00 euros.
  • Term : 40 years without capital shortage;

Well there seem to be many parameters, but in most cases there are many more than those identified.

Let us consider the following comparative tables:




It is easy to verify that the bank that has the most interesting proposal for the stipulated parameters is precisely the Barclays bank, with Bank second and Bank BES third.

But should we be guided only by the value of the monthly installment plus insurance charges and eventual processing expenses?

Of course not. We must look at all the parameters, such as the spread (“bank profit”), life insurance expenses and whether such expenditure is only for one bidder or for both bidders and what the coverage and method of repayment in case of accident, housing insurance expenses and coverages and also with the introduction of Decree-Law no. 192/2009 of August 17, we can compare the Annual Effective Annual Rate ( TAER ) that returns the real cost of Housing Credit considering all expenses and products subscribed.

In the 3 best proposals, we can easily verify that although Barclays has the lowest monthly payment, it does not represent the cheapest payday in global terms because it has a 3.589% APR. BES Bank presents without a doubt a better TAER which may represent the best option. Yes, it may, because we assume that the TAER calculation method is correctly applied, however, there is still a lack of definition regarding TAER calculation. You should stay alert.

But we should not just be analyzing the previous parameters, let’s look at the costs until hiring;

Here is one of the points that penalize the determination of the Barclays TAER, the existence of a cost of 585.60 € until hiring.

Now with these figures I venture to say that Bank is probably the best bank to carry out a payday Loan . Despite the simulation in returning the TAER, we can easily see that the costs are lower than Barclays Bank and Banco BES . Therefore Bank reinforces its position and risk saying that it is able to take the lead in this ranking.

Well, but we all know that simulations are not 100% take into account, there are many other factors that will allow you to negotiate more competitive spreads and better conditions.

I believe that the bank that has the capacity to present an irrefutable proposal is the bank of always , that is, the bank with which the Client has been sharing all its income. I say this because it is this bank that has a better knowledge of the needs and capacities of the Client, therefore, it is the duty of informing the Client that will have all the interest in carrying out such transaction and in the best conditions. I even venture to say that I should advise the Client to question and ask other banks for the same financing and then consult the bank. Thus, it will allow an adaptation of the bank to the reality of the market for a customer of certain characteristics.

There are banks that fall asleep with Customers, it is necessary to wake up to reality.

There are banks that fall asleep with Customers, it is necessary to wake up to reality.

Well if we start from this principle any bank of this analysis can fit in and take the position of leader. Let’s look at a small example.

Banco Crédito Agrícola presents in its simulation one of the highest spreads, however it is the one that has the lowest cost until hiring. Imagine that you could negotiate a spread equal to that of Barclays bank for the proposal of the Agricultural Credit , for sure that would be the best proposal of all.


I hope that this little reflection returned to all of you as a small case study, has provided the necessary tools to choose the best proposal for Housing Credit .

Here are a few tips to put when negotiating your payday :

  • Does the benefit reflect the value of life and housing insurance?
  • Can I look for cheaper Insurance abroad? Do I have penalties if I do this?
  • What do I have to pay in addition to the monthly installment?
  • Explain these expenses to me until hiring?
  • Are the Evaluation and other expenses real or different from those presented in the simulation?
  • What do I have to pay to decide whether to approve the Credit?
  • Is it not possible to pre-approve certain parameters, so that it has no burden on the decision?


Do the conditions proposed after the decision do not match your expectations? Tips:

  • Request the letter of approval where the conditions of such a decision will be described;
  • Confront other banks with the letter of approval and the same questions;
  • Please wait for proposal;
  • Once you have the proposal go back to your bank to negotiate;
  • Choose the best.

Conditions for getting a Payday loan


You are in need of payday loans without mortgage of low interest rates according to vehicle documents but you are struggling to know what conditions to get a loan under the vehicle documents and how much you can borrow, how much interest. With the following article, we will provide you with the necessary information on the form of payday loans without mortgage interest rates through vehicle documents.

You are in need of payday loans without mortgage of low interest rates according to vehicle documents but you are struggling to know what conditions to get a loan under the vehicle documents and how much you can borrow, how much interest. With the following article, we will provide you with the necessary information on the form of payday loans without mortgage interest rates through vehicle documents.

Currently, there are 4 forms of payday loan without low interest mortgage, among these 4 forms of borrowing, the form of borrowing money through vehicle papers is the most popular. The reason is because:

  • People who need to borrow money just owning a motorbike can apply for a loan without having to mortgage the vehicle they are going to.
  • Conditions for payday loans do not easily mortgage low interest rates, most customers can apply for loans in this form.
  • Simple profile, quick procedure.
  • No vehicle registration papers are kept.
  • Large loan limits can meet borrowers’ needs.

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  • The flexible loan payment time is based on the financial condition of the borrower, and the bank will set a payment limit of 6 to 36 months.
  • Customer information is absolutely confidential
  • There is no need for a guarantee document from an agency, business, or place where you work.
  • There is no need to prove the average monthly income as well as no guarantee of any assets when applying for a loan.

payday loans do not mortgage low interest rates under vehicle documents giving customers more special offers.

It can be said that payday loans without mortgage interest rates through the form of vehicle documents will bring customers many significant benefits. Therefore, the number of people applying for loans in this form is increasing, so the condition for getting a payday loan does not mortgage low interest rates according to the vehicle documents?

According to the regulations, if you want to borrow money without mortgage according to vehicle documents, you must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Customers must be citizens of Vietnam, are in working age as prescribed (male is from 20 to 60 years old and female is from 20 to 55 years old). Note the age will be calculated until the end of the loan contract settlement period.
  • Owning a motorbike with a vehicle value greater than or equal to VND 15 million and the life of the vehicle by the time of the loan must not exceed 48 months.
  • The customer must be the owner of the name of the owner on the vehicle / tie sign.
  • The value of the loan will be from 15 to 45 million VND depending on the needs of the customer.
  • The loan period ranges from 6 months to 36 months depending on the economic capacity of the customer.

Conditions for payday loans do not mortgage low interest rates on very simple vehicle papers, most people can meet.

In addition, some banks will have an additional step to calculate the value of the vehicle at the time of registration for a loan to determine the loan limit. The interest rate when borrowing money in this form is also a competitive point for banks as well as financial institutions. The prevailing interest rate ranges from 2 to 3.5% in a month and depends on the current value of the vehicle.

Thus, with the above information, you must have grasped the necessary conditions to be able to borrow payday money without mortgage interest rates . If you have a need to borrow money and find that you can meet all of the above conditions, you should quickly make a file to send to the bank or financial institutions of prestige and quality to borrow money according to Your needs. If there are still other questions about the payday loan without mortgage with low interest rates through vehicle documents, you can send your questions to Thebank ‘s financial and economic experts. , surely you will get the most detailed and understandable answer.

Renewal of the Fifth Cession



Is it possible to renew a Cession of the Fifth?

When we talk about a loan with a salary- backed loan, we talk about that type of loan that involves paying the installment by debiting your salary in the case of employees or your own pension in the case of pensioners.

Very often, customers who are involved in this type of financing are convinced that it is not possible to renew the current loan to obtain additional liquidity.

In reality this is possible, however, on the basis of a series of parameters both present in Presidential Decree 180/1950 which sets the first rules for the assignment of the fifth and those subsequently indicated by the Bank of Italy but also on the basis of financial criteria.

I renew the Assignment of the Fifth, after how long?

Having a salary or pension transfer in progress, it may happen that, over time, there is an additional liquidity requirement.

In the event that we are talking about a renewal of a five-year transfer, that is, a loan made for a total duration of 120 installments or 10 years, which is also the maximum duration for this type of loan, the evaluation of a renewal to obtain further liquidity can be made after at least 48 installments or 4 years (40% or 2/5 of the initial duration) have passed.

Example renewal: if today is entered into a loan with the sale of the fifth of salary or pension with these characteristics

  • duration 120 installments or 10 years
  • starting from February 2018
  • deadline January 2028

the possibility of being able to evaluate a possible renewal of the loan to obtain new liquidity extinguishing the old one and prolonging the new one will occur at the payment of the 48th installment or at the end of the 4 years and therefore not before January 2022 .

Click here to get more information for free and without obligation

Click here to get more information for free and without obligation

Is renewal possible before the age of four?

Many customers wonder if, in the event that a fifth assignment has been made for 10 years, it is still possible to renew it before the age of four. The answer is simple and concise, as of today, it is NOT possible to renew a sale made at 120 installments before at least 48 installments have passed.

If the duration is not 10 years or 120 installments when can I renew?

Rightly who has a personal loan with a fifth of the salary or pension but has not made a duration to 120 months or 10 years, you will be wondering: and if I, who made a duration of 72 months, needed further liquidity when can I ask for a renewal assessment?

As indicated in various communications from the Bank of Italy and from the legislative references, the evaluation of a possible renewal, to date, for those who are in the middle of a salary or pension transfer with one of the intermediate durations ie 24 – 48 – 60 – 72 – 84 – 96 – 108 installments / months may only take place when the 2/5 or better 40% of the initial duration have elapsed.

Example: if a person has a loan with a fifth for a duration of 72 months / installment the evaluation of a renewal can take place when 29 installments of that loan have been paid, which is equal to 40% or 2/5 of the 72 initial months.

These parameters or characteristics for the evaluation of a possible renewal are valid for the renewal of the sale of the fifth pensioner INPS both for the renewal of the transfer of the fifth employees.