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In order to meet the diverse loan needs of customers. loan credit always offers many quick and simple loan products. Please refer to the information below to know the interest rate of loan credit and the necessary conditions.

Credit Credits loan credit is what?

Credit Credits FE Credit is what?

Mortgage loan is a loan product of loan credit finance company to help customers borrow money with trust, no need to mortgage secured assets. This form is completely based on personal information and trust for customers to support lending.

This is really an opportunity for those who need urgent loans without collateral, you can choose one of loan credit’s mortgage loans that are being applied.

Consumer loan products without collateral at loan credit

  • Loan under sim viettel
  • Loan by motorcycle registration
  • Loan in cash
  • Loans by transfer
  • Borrow money with life insurance contracts
  • Borrow with electricity bills.

Interest rates for consumer loans are not mortgage at loan credit

Interest rates for consumer loans are not mortgage at FE Credit

Depending on which loan product you choose, we offer different interest rates. Interest rates will range from 1.4% to 2.95% / month. Specific details will be shown below.

Loan under sim viettel

Low interest rate is only from 1.40% / month with loan amount up to 50 million VND.

Loan by motorcycle registration

  • Vehicle value 15 million or more: The applicable interest rate is 3.29% / month.
  • Vehicle value 25 million or more: Applying interest rate of 2.17% per month.

Note: Vehicle value is assessed at the time of loan registration.

How to calculate the vehicle value:

  • Registration for 4 to 6 months: 10% off the original value.
  • Registration from 7 to 12 months: 20% off the original value.
  • Registration from 13 to 48 months: 30% reduction in initial value.
  • Registration from 49 to 96 months: 40% reduction in initial value.

Loan in cash

2.95% monthly interest rate: The company established less than 2 years.

The interest rate is 2.17% / month: The company established over 2 years but not affiliated.

The interest rate is 1.66% / month: The company established over 2 years with links.

Loans by transfer

Interest rate of 1.66% / month: The company established over 2 years, earning more than 7,500,000 VND.

Interest rate of 2.17% / month: Income from 5,000,000 VND – 7,500,000 VND.

2.95% interest rate / month: Minimum income of VND 3,000,000.

Loan under life insurance

The interest rate is 2.17% / month: Premium is VND 2 million / year.

The interest rate is 1.66% / month: Premium is paid 3 million VND / year.

Borrow under electricity bill

2.95% interest rate / month: Electricity charge> = 200,000 VND.

Interest rate of 2.17% / month: Electricity fee> = 550,000 VND.

Interest rate of 1.66% / month: Electricity charge> = 1,000,000 VND.

What are the pros and cons of loan credit?

What are the pros and cons of FE Credit?


Here are the outstanding advantages that loan credit finance company brings to you.

  • No need to mortgage customers
  • Does not require someone to stand for guarantee
  • Flexible loan period from 06 to 36 months
  • Support loans up to 70 million
  • Applicable to individual customers in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City and other provinces
  • Have the right to repay the loan whenever the customer wants
  • Disbursement time after 24 hours of reviewing documents (excluding holidays)
  • Secure borrower information.


  • The maximum loan amount is only VND 70 million.
  • Not applicable to customers with bad or deferred payment.


  • Passengers are aged 20 – 60 years old.
  • Income from 3 million / month
  • There are at least the following types of documents: ID card, Household Registration Book.
  • In addition, it is necessary to have one of the following documents: 3-month salary bill, continuous electricity / water bill, life insurance contract.

Things to keep in mind when borrowing unsecured loans at loan credit

Things to keep in mind when borrowing unsecured loans at FE Credit

Currently, loan credit supports unsecured loans from 10 – 70 million, the loan term is from 6 to 36 months depending on the customer company is working or depending on the product of borrowers.

Customers need to choose a payment term that is suitable for their monthly payment ability and so that the monthly payment amount does not exceed 35% of the salary.

Customers can finalize the loan contract at any time during the loan term, the pre-settlement fee is 5% of the outstanding principal balance.

When the repayment period is reached, the unpaid customer will be charged a late payment fee of VND 300,000 / late payment period by the bank.

When customers pay late, in addition to being subject to a late payment fee, customers are also updated bad credit points into the system. When credit scores are bad, customers will find it difficult to re-borrow at next times.

The customer does not have to pay any fees to the consultant / appraisal staff.

If you are in need of a loan, please fill out the information below or call us immediately for advice.

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