Is there an interest-free loan policy for students?


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Is there an interest-free loan policy for students?

Is there an interest-free loan policy for students?

Considering the chronological order, the interest-free loan policy for students is real and is supported by a lot of parents and young people. It was the first time when the decision was made, the interest rate was very low, almost no, so many people defaulted to no interest. However, students are only supported with a certain loan limit, do not borrow too much. However, this is still a quite practical policy of the state, showing trust and prestige, ensuring good social security.

Currently, student interest-free loan policies have been replaced and revised. Students still get loans but pay interest. However, interest rates are still very attractive, far superior to other banks and credit institutions. According to the latest information updated in 2018, the supported loan amount is VND 1.5 million / month / student. Accompanying is the interest rate of 0.55% / month. The representative of the loan is the Social Policy Bank.

Is there an interest-free loan policy for students?

The interest-free loan for students at the present time is not completely over. Many universities now have links with banks and credit institutions to facilitate 0% interest rate loans for students. Typically, the program: Funds to support Vietnamese students to borrow interest-free learning loans from Hanoi National University in association with United Overseas Bank, Singapore. Or interest-free loan program for Foreign Trade University students under the support of Mabuchi. Students and parents should update information continuously on their school website to see if they can enjoy the same benefits.

Conditions and procedures for student loans like?

Current student loan conditions

Although there is no interest-free loan policy for students, the current interest rate of the State is still very practical and is attended by many students. But to join, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Students are in difficult circumstances, studying at universities, colleges, professional secondary schools, vocational schools in the list of regulations.
  • Students orphaned by both parents and orphaned by only one or the other, but the rest are unable to work.
  • Students in poor households and families with low per capita income, up to 150% of the average income of poor households.
  • Students whose families have financial difficulties due to illness, accident, natural disaster, fire or disease, but must be certified by the People’s Committee of the commune where they reside.
  • Students are living with family and are legally residing in the locality where the loan is provided.
  • Freshmen who have just graduated from university need to have the school’s notice of admission.
  • If it is a second year student, it must be certified by the school to prove that he / she is studying lawfully and not subject to administrative sanctions.

Latest student loan procedures

Don’t worry too much when there’s no interest-free loan policy for students. Because the State and the Social Policy Bank have issued a decision on student loan procedures for 2018, it is considered very simple and beneficial for students.

When there is a need for a loan, students write a written request for a loan (available form) with a confirmation from the school or a notice of university / college admission. Borrowing capital at commune and ward People’s Committees, you are residing. This group will meet and review loan needs, then send to the Chairman of the commune People’s Committee to confirm.

After obtaining a loan approval, the student loan application will be sent to the Social Policy Bank for loan approval procedures.

The disbursement time of Policy Bank is 2 times in 1 year, in terms of study periods. When the loan is due, students or their family members can bring identification / identification cards to the Policy bank to receive the loan.

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